Pain is complicated, let us help!

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Free Consultation

Come tell us your story! We offer a free injury/pain consultation to help you navigate your treatment options and make an informed decision. Spend 30 minutes with us and save yourself some time and angst!



To see a Physical Therapist in the state of TX you must have a prescription. Once you receive a "script" from a doctor your first appointment is an Evaluation.

During this evaluation your Physical Therapist will discuss your plan of care,  including your physicians instructions, and begin treatment.


This refers to all of the appointments necessary to address and treat your pain and injury. The number of appointments is based on individual need and insurance.

Depending on the dysfunction your treatment may include manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, balance, coordination and strength training.  We also incorporate sport specific rehabilitation. This means our athletes do game like movements in a therapy setting to ensure they are as prepared as possible to return to their sport. 

Our therapists pride themselves on patient satisfaction and open communication. 


Our therapist to patient ratio is 1:1 in evaluations and depending on your plan of care can be 1:1 or 1:2 over the course of your treatment. We have seven therapists and over the course of your treatment you may see the same therapist or multiple therapists depending on your preference.

We pride ourselves on being a teaching facility! We have Doctoral students who assist us with treatment as a part of their residency. We also have undergraduate students who assist with treatment exercises and the day to day operations of the clinic as an internship.

The open atmosphere of our 6,000 square foot clinic allows for a unique experience in an environment full of high energy, activity, and fun. During the course of your treatment our therapists and facility provide you with everything you need from post surgical care to beginning to play your sport again in a controlled environment.