Champion Performance Physical Therapy is designed for athletes and athletic minded individuals. We focus on functional movement to produce strong, fast, agile and healthy athletes of all ages and skill levels.

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Champion Performance Physical Therapy, CPPT, was founded by Christie Powell, "CP", 14 years ago on a picnic table at the Town & Country soccer complex here in Austin, TX.  

CP is passionate about sports, especially soccer. Throughout her soccer career she faced many injuries, including one that kept her from the National Team pool. Despite her injuries she had a successful career as a collegiate softball and soccer player, earning her way into the Incarnate Word Hall of Fame.

From her injuries was born a passion for helping others overcome setbacks. CPPT provides athletes with a personalized approach to rehabilitation that incorporates evolving and evidence based methods of physical therapy. 

The rehabilitation process has many stages. CPPT is founded on offering support to athletes through every stage. 

We provide free consultations and are partnered with the best physicians in the area. This ensures that you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about your medical needs.

For post surgical patients and those not needing surgery, we provide evolving sport specific therapy focused on functional movement and return to play.

Our therapy programs incorporate sport performance measures to ensure that athletes are fully recovered before they return to sport. After completing your therapy program we offer strength training so you can continue to build strength, agility, speed, and power, while maintaining access to your physical therapist.

Champion Performance has been the athlete's preferred place for Physical Therapy for the past 15 years. Formerly known as CATZ Physical Therapy, we have recently rebranded and moved out of our Hymeadow location and in to a new facility by Lakeline Mall. No matter your age, ailment, or experience in sport we are the leader in getting you back to sport and ensuring that you are able to "Move. Play. Live."

CPPT @ Lakeline

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